Free Printable Timesheet With Lunch Break Template

Here is a free printable timesheet with lunch break template:

Employee Name: __________________
Pay Period:
In Out In Out Hours Notes
mm/dd mm/dd

_ _

_ _

_ _

Lunch Break In: Out: (Deducted from daily hours)

Total Hours Worked This Pay Period: _

Employee Signature: __________ Date:_____

Supervisor Signature: ________ Date:_____


  • Fill in your name, the pay period dates, and daily work hours
  • Record your in and out times for the day
  • Document your lunch break in and out times to deduce from daily hours
  • Calculate your total hours worked for the pay period
  • Get supervisor approval with their signature
  • Provide a copy to payroll and keep a copy for your records


  • Round times to the nearest 5 or 15 minutes
  • Record any notes about late arrivals, overtime, sick leave, etc.
  • Calculate daily hours by subtracting lunch break from total time worked
  • Ensure timesheets are accurate and honestly reported

Hope this timesheet template helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or if you would like a more tailored timesheet for your specific needs.

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