Free Printable Contractor Quote Template

Here’s a free printable contractor quote template:

Contractor: [Company Name]
Address: [Street Address, City State Zip]
Phone: [Phone Number] Email: [Email Address]

PROJECT QUOTE FOR: [Customer Name]
Project Address: [Street Address, City State Zip]

Date: [Date] Quote #: [Quote Number]

Project Description:
[Detailed description of the project and work to be performed]

Materials and Supplies:

[List of materials and supplies with costs]

[List of tasks] [Labor rate] [Estimated hours] [Cost]


Sales Tax (@ %)


Acceptance of Proposal:
The above prices, specifications and conditions are hereby accepted. You are authorized
to do the work as specified. Payment will be made as outlined above.

Authorized Signature: _______________ Date: _

Note: This proposal is good for [number of] days from date of quote.


  • Describe the project and work to be performed in detail
  • Include a complete list of all required materials and supplies with costs
  • List each task with a labor rate, estimated hours, and total cost
  • Calculate subtotal, applicable tax and total cost
  • Specify payment terms and acceptance requirements
  • Include expiration date and get signature to approve quote
  • Print on company letterhead for a professional, official record

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