Free Printable Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Here is a free printable employee performance evaluation form template:

Employee Name:____ Evaluation Period:______to______

Rating Scale:
5 – Outstanding
4 – Exceeds Expectations
3 – Fully Competent
2 – Needs Improvement
1 – Unsatisfactory

Performance Factors Rating Comments

Quality of Work


Knowledge of Work






Overall Performance:

– [Strength]

  • [Strength]

Areas for Improvement:
-[Improvement area]
– [Improvement area]

Goals for Next Evaluation:

  • [SMART goal]
  • [SMART goal]

Employee Signature:____ Date:__

Supervisor Signature:____ Date:__

Hope this printable employee performance evaluation form helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Assign numeric ratings from 1 to 5 for each performance factor
  • Provide comments to justify each rating
  • Identify employee strengths and areas for improvement
  • Set SMART and measurable goals for the next evaluation period
  • Include space for any additional comments
  • Get employee and supervisor signatures with date
  • Provide employee with a copy
  • Print on company letterhead for an official record

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