Free Printable Employee Feedback Form

Here is a free printable employee feedback form template:

Employee Name:_________ Date:__

Instructions: Please provide feedback based on your interactions with and observations of this employee. Your responses will be kept confidential and used to help develop the employee.

Positive Attributes: What does this employee do well? What strengths have you observed?

• [Positive attribute]
• [Positive attribute]

Areas for Improvement: What development areas have you noticed? What could this employee improve?

• [Improvement area]
• [Improvement area]

Recommendations: Do you have any suggestions for how this employee could further develop their skills or performance?

• [Recommendation]
• [Recommendation]

Effect on You: How does this employee’s work impact you? What influence does their performance have?

• [Impact on you]

Overall Assessment: Please provide an overall summary of this employee’s performance and potential.

• [Overall summary]

Additional Comments:

Thank you for providing your valuable feedback!


Hope this printable employee feedback form helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Ask open-ended questions to elicit descriptive feedback
  • Focus on observable facts, not subjective opinions
  • Emphasize development and improvement
  • Maintain anonymity for honesty
  • Analyze responses for common themes
  • Share summary with employee to have a productive discussion
  • Use feedback to set employee goals and create development plan

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