Free Printable Employee Information Form

Here is a free printable employee information form template:

Employee Information
Employee Name: __________ Date:___
Home Address: _______________________________________

Personal Phone: _______ Work Phone:_____
Personal Email: __________________________________
Emergency Contact:___________ Phone:______

Employment Information
Position:_________ Department: ________
Start Date:___ Pay Rate:__

Additional Information
Driver’s License #:_________ State:_ Social Security #:
Military Status: Active Veteran Not Applicable

Employee Signature:________________ Date:__

HR Signature:____________________________Date:______


  • Fill in employee information including personal details, employment details, and additional info needed.
  • Have employee sign and date form to confirm accuracy.
  • Sign and date form yourself on behalf of the company.
  • Provide a copy to the employee and store a copy in their personnel record.
  • Customize this template to include any other info relevant for your company.
  • Print on standard 8.5×11 inch paper.

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