Free Printable Employee Warning Form

Here is a free printable employee warning form template:

Employee Name: _______________ Date: ______

Department: __________ Position: __________

Description of Problem:

  • [Give a clear and specific description of the issue or problem here.]

Previous Warnings:

  • [List any previous verbal/written warnings given to the employee for related issues.]

Expectations/Corrective Actions:

  • [Specify exactly what the employee must do to correct the issue. Be specific, measurable, and realistic.]
  • [List any support or additional training the employee will receive to meet the expectations.]


  • [State clearly the consequence if the employee fails to meet the expectations. Example: “Further disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.”]

Employee Acknowledgment:
I acknowledge receipt of this performance warning. I understand the expectations and disciplinary actions outlined above.

   _______________________________            ___________________
  Employee Signature                            Date

Supervisor Acknowledgment:

I have discussed this written warning with the employee and have provided them an opportunity to respond.

_________________ ______
Supervisor Signature Date

Additional Notes:

  • Provide employee with a copy and place a copy in their personnel file.
  • Follow up at appropriate intervals to verify employee is meeting expectations.
  • Remove warning from file if issue is resolved and behavior improves.

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