Free Printable Press Release Template Word

Here’s a free printable press release template in Word:


[Your name]
[Company name]

[Headline in caps]

[City, State] – [2-3 sentence summary].

[First paragraph]: Briefly summarize the most important information. Who, what, when, where and why.

[Second paragraph]: Provide more detail about the announcement. Quote a spokesperson:

“This is an exciting milestone for our company. We look forward to [benefits of announcement] in the coming years,” said [name, title].

[Additional details]: Add any other important facts, numbers, or details.

[Closing quote]: Add another quote from a spokesperson highlighting key points.

[Boilerplate info]: Include basic company details. Example:

[Company name] has been innovating in the [industry] for [number of] years. We are dedicated to [mission or purpose]. For more information, visit [website].



  • Follow a simple headline → summary → details structure
  • Use a dateline at the top with release date
  • Include contact info for media to follow up
  • Add quotes from spokespeople to personalize
  • Review for AP style and correct grammar
  • Print on company letterhead, if desired
  • Save template and reuse, updating details

To create this in Word:

  • Open a blank document
  • Insert the text blocks shown above
  • Replace all bracketed copy with your details
  • Customize fonts, styles, and spacing as needed
  • Save as a template (.dot or .dotx file) to reuse

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