Free Printable Lesson Plan Template Word

Here is a free printable lesson plan template in Word:

Time Period:

☐ [Objective]
☐ [Objective]
☐ [Objective]

☐ [Materials]
☐ [Materials]
☐ [Materials]


  1. Introduction (5 min)
    • [Introduction activities]
  2. Present New Material (15 min)
    • [Present and explain new concepts]
  3. Guided Practice (10 min)
    • [Provide examples and assist students]
  4. Independent Practice (15 min)
    • [Have students practice independently]
  5. Closure (5 min)
    • [Review main points and objectives]

☐[Formative assessment details]
☐[Formative assessment details]

To create in Word:

  • Add subject, grade level, time, and date headers
  • List learning objectives for the lesson
  • Include materials and resources needed
  • Break down procedures into timed steps: introduction, presentation, guided practice, independent practice and closure
  • Detail formative assessments to check for understanding
  • Update and reuse template, customizing with your lesson details

When printing:

  • Print on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper
  • Attach any worksheets, assessments or handouts
  • File printed copy for your records

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