Free Printable Daily Task List Template

Here is a free printable daily task list template:

[Day of the Week], [Date] Daily Task List

High Priorities:
☐ [Task]
☐ [Task]
☐ [Task]

Other Tasks:
☐ [Task]
☐ [Task]
☐ [Task]
☐ [Task]

Personal Tasks:
☐ [Task]
☐ [Task]


  • Print on standard 8.5×11 inch paper
  • Use the checklist to mark items as you complete them
  • Categorize tasks into high priority, other tasks, and personal tasks
  • Repeat the template for each day of the week
  • Customize with your own tasks and priorities
  • Save and reuse, updating tasks each day


  • Keep tasks specific, realistic and time-bound
  • Block out chunks of time for each task
  • Tackle high priority tasks first thing
  • Remove completed tasks to avoid distraction
  • Review your list at the end of the day

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