Free Printable Truck Driver Timesheet Template

Here is a free printable truck driver timesheet template:

Driver Name: _____________ Week Ending: ______

Date Day Trip # From – To Miles Hours

[Date] [Day] [Trip #] [City – City] [Miles] [Hours]

[Date] [Day] [Trip #] [City – City] [Miles] [Hours]

[Date] [Day] [Trip #] [City – City] [Miles] [Hours]

Total Miles: _
Total Hours:__



Parking: _
Other (Explain):________________

Total Expenses: _

Driver Signature: __________ Date: ____

Supervisor Signature: ________ Date: ____


  • Include driver name and week ending date
  • Document each trip with date, day, trip number, origin/destination, miles, and hours
  • Calculate total miles and hours for the week
  • Document any expenses with details and calculate total
  • Get supervisor approval with their signature


  • Save and reuse template, updating each pay cycle
  • Print on standard 8.5″x11″ paper
  • Provide a copy to payroll and keep one for your records

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