Free Printable Rental Application Form Word

Here’s a basic rental application form template in Microsoft Word format that you can use:

[Property Name]
[Property Address]
[City, State ZIP Code]
[Property Phone Number]
[Property Email]

Rental Application Form

Personal Information:

  • Full Name: [Enter Full Name]
  • Current Address: [Enter Current Address]
  • City, State ZIP Code: [Enter Current City, State ZIP Code]
  • Phone Number: [Enter Phone Number]
  • Email: [Enter Email]
  • Date of Birth: [Enter Date of Birth]
  • Social Security Number: [Enter Social Security Number]
  • Driver’s License Number: [Enter Driver’s License Number]

Employment Information:

  • Current Employer: [Enter Current Employer]
  • Position: [Enter Position]
  • Length of Employment: [Enter Length of Employment]
  • Employer Phone Number: [Enter Employer Phone Number]

Income Information:

  • Monthly Income: [Enter Monthly Income]
  • Other Sources of Income: [Enter Other Sources of Income, if applicable]

Rental History:

  • Current Landlord: [Enter Current Landlord Name and Phone Number]
  • Previous Landlord: [Enter Previous Landlord Name and Phone Number]

Additional Information:

  • Number of Occupants: [Enter Number of Occupants]
  • Pets: [Enter Pet Details, if applicable]
  • Smoking: [Enter Smoking Details]
  • Emergency Contact: [Enter Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number]

I certify that the above information is correct and accurate. By signing below, I authorize [Property Name] to use this information in determining whether to approve my rental application.

[Applicant Signature]

To use this template, simply open Microsoft Word and create a new document. Then, copy and paste the template into the document and customize it with the appropriate information. You can also customize the font, color, and layout to fit your needs. Once the rental application form is complete, you can print it and provide it to the landlord or property manager.

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